The SESDAC Foundation

Since June 2000, The SESDAC Foundation has helped SESDAC improve programs and facilities, enhance staff development, curb staff turnover, and meet the specialized needs and desires of people supported by SESDAC. The SESDAC Foundation promotes philanthropy, receives and administers charitable gifts, and invests in the programs and people supported of SESDAC and similar human service programs focused on the social and economic well-being of people with disabilities. The Foundation accepts restricted and unrestricted gifts. Donors may elect to contribute to a perpetual endowment, or allow the Foundation Board to determine the best way to invest and use the funds. To make a donation, simply make a donation online or mail your check to the address below with a letter describing how you would like to have your donation used. To learn how you can invest in a stronger and brighter future for people with disabilities, call us at (605) 624-4419.

SESDAC Foundation, Inc.
c/o Gerald E. Tracy II
1314 E. Cherry Street
Vermillion, SD 57069

The SESDAC Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization under IRS regulations.