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Frequently Asked Questions

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I want more information about services from Sesdac?
Please contact our Director of Quality Assurance, Megan O’Neill at megan.oneill@sesdac.org or 605-624-4419.

What does a Direct Support Professional (DSP) do?
As a Direct Support Professional (DSP) you will provide support and services to people in their homes, at their jobs, and in the community. Your role could include assisting someone to go grocery shopping to clean to shower to prepare meals for the day. Your role is to support people to live life and what that looks like is different for every person we support.
What is a community support provider?

Our role as a Community Support Provider is to support individuals as they find their unique purpose. With clear purpose, individuals find their natural passion unleased and multiplied.

How do I get involved?
If you are interested in volunteer or employment opportunities, just email us at employment@sesdac.org.
Question not answered?
Please email us at sesdac@sesdac.org.