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Reflecting back. Looking ahead.

To truly tell our history, you’d have to tell the histories of every family we’ve worked with. Every person we’ve touched, and who touched us. The real credit goes to the families and professionals who started Sesdac, and changed thousands of lives.


1973 The birth of SESDAC. Dr. Monroe and other concerned citizens organized a community meeting to launch what would become SESDAC.
1978 New Center opens at 207 Duke Street.
1986 Construction completed on three residential homes and an apartment unit.
1989 Medicaid rules change allows for dollars to be used for home and community based services.
1997 SESDAC begins its first Family Support program in southeast South Dakota.
2008 SESDAC launches Person Centered Thinking Initiative.
2014 SESDAC receives 4 Year Accreditation from Council on Quality and Leadership.
Today Sesdac provides expanded services to over 100 individuals in Clay and Union counties – and serves over 140 others through our Family Support program.