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Company Culture

At Sesdac we have a company culture that fosters independent thinking, flexible schedules, the latest in technology, and great benefits (for those eligible). At Sesdac you are part of a large family all working towards the same goal…providing support for people with disabilities.

Testimonials from some of our employees…

What they don’t tell you when you apply…

...it will be the most amazing job you’ve ever had.

...there may come a time where you find you’re more comfortable surrounded by people with developmental disabilities than you are with the general population.

...the bond Direct Support Professionals develop with the people they are supporting.

...you'll learn to slow down, to ponder, to take the time to just look around and take in this beautiful world and all of the simple joys we are blessed to encounter every day.

This job is incredibly rewarding. Knowing you are helping someone and seeing their faces of gratitude makes this all worth it. You are not a DSP because of the pay. You are a DSP because you love the people you support every day. You are a DSP because you love the feeling of supporting these people. You are a DSP because it makes you a better person.

Mission Statement

“Building community resources to create a person centered life.”


“All people are valued community members.”


At Sesdac, Inc., we believe in a world of dignity, opportunity and community inclusion for all people. It is the philosophy of Sesdac that people served by Sesdac are first and foremost, people with abilities. We believe that all people are capable of full participation in their community of choice when provided services and/or supports appropriate to their needs. It is the goal of Sesdac to encourage each person served, to fully exercise his or her personal preference and power each day, and as direct support professionals, to ensure that people with developmental disabilities lead lives of dignity and quality.