Residential Services

A place to call your own

We All Need Space to Thrive

Sesdac aspires to provide you with the best possible life through comprehensive, compassionate and personalized support.

We are here to offer a comfortable home for guided and independent living with caring professionals in place to help you and your extended family move toward a place of peace, independence, and a space for all to succeed.

At Sesdac, you’re moving to a place to explore all the ways you can care for yourself. Along the way, you’ll have constant support from people who understand and respect your wishes.

Choose from a variety of different living environments depending on your specific needs:

  • Group Home Living
    Participants receive services and supports 24-hours-a-day
  • Supervised Apartment Living
    Participants receive services and supports during the day and evening hours
  • Supported Living or Community Living
    With staff visits scheduled around a person’s life

From facilitating skill development to accessing health care, Sesdac helps you live the independent life you’ve always dreamed of.

When you are here, you never have to worry about getting the support you need. Sesdac provides personalized services that will help develop and refine skills that lead to new opportunities and independence.

two men on the porch
Sesdac residential home